Reading Bingo tagad būs atrodams šeit :)

1. A book with more than 500 pages - Stefanija Meiere "Klejotāja"

2. A classic - Viljams Šekspīrs "Romeo un Džuljeta"

3. A book that became a movie - Džons Grīns "Mūsu zvaigžņu vaina"

4. A book published this year - E. Lockart "We were liars"

5. A book with a number on the title - Ilze Eņģele "75 dienas"

6. A book written by someone under 30 - Toms Kreicbergs  "Dubultnieki un citi stāsti"

7. A funny book - Riks Riordans "Briesmoņu jūra"

8. A book by a female author - Susan Beth Pfeffer "Life As We Knew It"

9. A book with a mystery - Jill Hathaway "Slide"

10. A book with a one-word title - Natalie Whipple "Transparent"

11. A book of short stories - Kiera Cass "The Selection stories: The Prince & The Guard"

12. Free square (grāmata, par kuru izlasīji citā grāmatā) - Dž. D. Selindžers "Uz kraujas rudzu laukā"

13. The first book by a author - Jeff Kinney "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"

14. A book you heard about online - Tahereh Mafi "Shatter Me"

15. A best - selling book - Marie Lu "Legend"

16. A book based on a true story - Jānis Joņevs "Jelgava 94"

17. A book at the buttom of your TBR pile - Kiera Cass "The Selection"

18. A book your friend loves - Rick Yancey "The 5th Wave"

19. A book that scares you - Stīvens Kings "Kerija"

20. A book that is more than ten years old  - Paulu Koelju "Alķīmiķis"

21. The second book in a series - Susan Beth Pfeffer "the dead & the gone"

22. A book with a blue cover - Nīls Geimens "Okeāns ielas galā"

23. A book of non- fiction - Rainbow Rowell "Fangirl"

24. A book with non human characters - Laura Vilka "Dana un Otrā pasaule"

25. A book set on a different continent - Greiems Simsions "Projekts "Rozija""

1. A book with a female heroine - Lorena Olivera "Rekviēms"

2. A book set in a high school - Sara Shepard "Flawless"

3. The last book of a trilogy -

4. The first book in a series - Riks Riordans "Zibens zaglis"

5. A book set in a future - Ellena R. Landara "Digitālo neaizmirstulīšu lauks"

6. A book with a break up - Sara Shepard "Pretty Little Liars"

7. A book without a love triangle - John Green & David Levithan "Will Grayson, Will Grayson"

8. A book that became a movie - Braiens Selzniks "Hugo Kabrē izgudrojums"

9. A book set in the past - Viljams Šekspīrs "Hamlets"

10. A book with magic - Erina Morgensterna "Nakts cirks"

11. A book set in the summer - Jenny Han "The Summer I Turned Pretty"

12. A book with a dragon - Laura Vilka "Dana un Medaljons"

13. A book that made you cry - Ruta Šepetis "Starp pelēkiem toņiem"

14. A graphic novel - Richelle Mead "Vampire Academy: Graphic novel"

15. A book with a lion, a witch or a wardrobe - Sallija Grīna "Tumšā puse"

16. A book with an incredible fight scene - Marie Lu "Prodigy"

17. A book you heard about online - Rensoms Rigss "Mis Peregrīnes nams brīnumbērniem"

18. A book set in another world - Patriks Ness  "Briesmoņcilvēki"

19. A book with an epic love story - Gayle Forman "If I Stay"

20. A book with music - Gayle Forman "Where She Went"